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The role of Seminars and Workshops cannot be overlooked in this age of incessant knowledge creation and deployment of effective change process accordingly. Industry Support Programme of SMEDA has been able to prosper its knowledge assets over the years from various indigenous and foreign sources.

Our training Programmes are entitled to disseminate contemporary technique of Productivity Enhancement and Energy Efficiency. We have segregated our stakeholders, with respect to training Programmes, into academia and industry and this collaboration is taking place on mass level. The laxity of industry academia linkages is one of the very crucial reasons for slow development of industry, and industry oriented R&D initiatives on part of academia. SMEDA is playing this vital role by figuring out effective collaboration with academia through imparting necessary awareness among the students and faculty members aspiring the needs of industry. While the objective of collaboration with industry is to engage industry players through associations and chambers to create essential understanding of the basic and advanced concepts related to Productivity and Energy Efficiency required to get competitive edge in today’s volatile global market.

We have a simple and effective mechanism to execute the training Programmes. The experts are engaged to demonstrate the contents of each training Programme and participants are provided with the opportunities of cross learning and problem solving ideologies. Different structures of our training Programmes are mentioned here:

One day Seminar/Workshop: The Programme is structured to generate awareness among the participants related to a specific topic, as per the request of the potential participants or using other methodologies of need identification. The Programme also is executed at organization level at the premises of potential beneficiary.

Two/Three day Training Programmes: The contents of these Programmes are outlined to address multiple issues related to that topic. Such training Programmes also cater the segments like, on the job training, group discussions and case study dissemination.

Training of Trainers: 
Due to limited availability of developed human strength in the field of Productivity Enhancement and Energy Efficiency, we aim at capacity building of the indigenous resources through conducting ToTs which entail the collaboration of academia and industry at a single forum. The participant carries with them the necessary knowledge to execute at their factory premises and thereof developing their own teams. 

No. of Training Workshops / Seminars conducted by SMEDA - ISP

Sector No. of Trainings/ Workshops/ Seminars
Knitting 1
Spinning 1
Garments 19
Auto Parts 32
Foundry 1
Energy Efficiency 20
Export Leather Marketing 1
Processing 1
Multiple Sector -Textile/Auto 6
Pharmaceutical 1
Fan Sector 2
Total 85


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