Productivity Improvement Initiatives


Productivity Improvement Initiatives

Strategically speaking, organizations strive to excel by using cost leadership or differentiation or mix of both strategies. At SMEDA, under Industry Support Programme, we facilitate in either way, by conducting a detailed evaluation phase to investigate current situation of the manufacturing concern and subsequently delineating and implementing a viable solution by adopting a set of Industrial Engineering Tools and Techniques. 

It is imperative to underscore the importance of modern paradigm of Industrial Engineering Tools and Techniques in Pakistan, where Finance intensive initiatives have been considered to be the only endeavors in enhancing the productivity of ongoing businesses. Most of the times, this mind set only brings more chaos to the companies as resource output compared with resource input yield a low value of productivity. 

In contrast, at SMEDA, a team of professional engineers, trained by the Foreign Experts from international organizations (Japan International Cooperation Agency- JICA, Asian Productivity Organization- APO, Senior Experten Service- SES and United Nations Industrial Development Organization -UNIDO) has been unveiling the enormous potentials of Productivity and Quality by optimizing the utilization of the available resources, a proven source of success for one of the leading economy of world, like Japan, and has been transferring this knowledge asset to the grass roots of local industry, especially SMEs. 

The challenge of low productivity and poor quality due to line balance losses, poor housekeeping, piled up inventories, excessive material and operator motions, absenteeism, small quantity orders, high throughput times, high rework rates and inappropriate capacities of top and middle management have been exerting immense pressure on the Manufacturing Concerns which can only be resisted by endeavoring internal strengths. 

SMEDA engineers work at the shop floors of industrial units in association with the technical representatives of the respective companies for practical demonstration and implementation of Productivity and Quality concepts and its Philosophies. Our Productivity initiatives address the aforementioned problems by creating a culture in which everyone in the organization continuously strives to improve the processes and production, minimize delays, reduce costs and improve quality, thus, providing maximum value to the customers and sustainability to the organization. 

Productivity Programmes:
Depending upon the specific requirements of any industrial concern, SMEDA provides productivity and quality improvement expertise on short term as well as on long term basis. 

In the short term activity module; basic training related to different industrial engineering tools and techniques is conducted on beneficiary’s premises and tasks/assignments are given to the participants in order to equip the shop floor personnel to counter the existing problems. Duration of this activity varies from four to six working days in a span of 1-2 months.

To carry out a long term activity module related to productivity and quality, a team of SMEDA engineers along with available productivity expert (foreign or local) works at the selected unit for two to four months. Current situation of the selected unit is evaluated and different industrial engineering tools and techniques, as per the requirements of the manufacturing unit, are deployed in order to achieve the target of enhanced productivity. Follow-up visits are made to ensure the sustainability of the achieved results.

No. of assisted Units through SMEDA-ISP under Productivity Initiatives


  No. of Assisted Units through SMEDA-ISP
Productivity Initiatives
Spinning 42
Weaving 41
Knitting 36
Garments 66
Auto Parts 87
Furniture 5
Food 2
Foot wear 1
Fan 3
Forging 1
Foundry 5
Chemical 2
Total 291

Companies interested to participate in these Programmes may contact by letter, fax or email to the under mentioned.

Haseeb Sarwar
Industry Support Cell-Lahore 
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Fouzan Muhammad
Deputy General Manager 
Industry Support Cell
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Syed Babar Umar
Industry Support Cell-Karachi
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